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📕 Publications, Research, Grants and Interviews

Here is a non-exhaustive list of publications, blogs and articles either written directly by me or to which I significantly contributed.

Featured Research


Blockchain Infrastructure Thesis 2.0 — From a Corporate to a Micro Crypto “Hedge Fund”

Web3 Infrastructure Keynote at Smart Contract Summit 0

Blockchain Infrastructure Thesis

Staking Ecosystem Case Study

DeFi Digest and Common Issues Part 2

Staking Infrastructure Position Paper

In the Press

Deutsche Telekom Puts CELO Crypto-Assets on the Balance Sheet

T-Systems to run Execution Node and Staking Services for Flow

Smart contracts made reliable and useful with real-world data

Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems Is Now a Chainlink Node Operator

Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems to provide staking services for public blockchains

„Blockchain-Technologie ist der nächste logische Schritt“ (DE)

Grant Work

Livepeer business case development grant (w/ Chris Remus)

Presenting the model in a Livepeer community call (youtube)



Lightnode Podcast - Greenfield Capital, Launching Staking at T-Systems


Convergence of IT Services & Financial Services – Insights from T-Systems

Other Posts

DeFi Digest and Common Issues Part 1

7 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies

Research Report: Is Proof of Stake better than Proof of Work?

Blockchains in 2018, Addressing the Challenges. Spotlight: Polkadot & Substrate


50 Shades of Staking: Part III. Validator — a Bank, Mining Pool, VC, or Exchange?


50 Shades of Staking: Part II — Away from General Purpose Blockchains. The case of Cosmos Network

50 Shades of Staking: Part I — Winning the Crypto Monopoly

The ASTRATUM ADG Blockchain Summer School 2018 BSS18, Schloss Montabaur. Jul’18

The Blockstack Signature Fund Conference 2018, Berlin

A Deep Dive into Decentralized Exchanges, Berlin. Jan’18

ASTRATUM Trip to Seoul, Korea. Dec’17

From the Archives: Digital World Layer aka Metaverse

... and others

Last updated 02.01.2023

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