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🤝 Investing

I normally invest in crypto-native assets in public or semi-public rounds or invest in projects with the most limited resource in my possession – time.

Projects I support often look at me as an independent consultant/analyst and critical thinker that can help them with strategy, business/financial modeling and in the case of around-blockchain industries, deep market and ecosystem knowledge.

🔥 Making my Passion into my Job

While having worked at various companies, it always came to the point of me pitching a project or idea to management and making my project my company’s project. I consider this to be a superpower of mine or a low-risk version of entrepreneurship (aka "entrapreneurship").

  • With T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom), having realized that providing public blockchain infrastructure is the logical extension of operating public telecommunication networks, enabling Web3 applications (more here), I pitched this concept and I currently focus on this project in a PO role, having secured internal funding round. On track to generate 8-digit profits in year one.

  • With HUGO BOSS, back in 2016, as an intern, I managed to push a blockchain-powered supply chain project to the board level and pitch it in front of the CEO. This later led to this project getting implemented.

💡 Ideas I’m Excited About

  • Blockchain

    • Web3 Infrastructure Provisioning & Generalized Mining

    • Digital Asset Custody Services and their extensions

    • Economic and Financial Modeling of PoS Networks

    • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and its yield generation opportunities

    • Private Open Finace (DeFi)

    • Blockchain Interoperability

    • On-chain Governance

    • Privacy and Zero-knowledge Technologies for Scaling

    • On-chain Data Provisioning

  • Passion Economy

    • Digital Products and Services Platforms (more here)

  • Redefining Fashion

    • Investing in Culture and Novel Fashion Consumption (e.g. Otis,

    • Fashion in Virtual Environments

    • Collectible Fashion

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

    • Virtualization of Real World and Related Business Models (more here)

  • Democratizing Education


Last updated 21.10.2020

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