🌱 Principal at Greenfield Capital, a Berlin-based VC fund with a portfolio of leading projects in the crypto space like 1inch, Liquity, Celo, Vega, Flow, Arweave, and many more. GF1 is currently the largest crypto fund in Europe by funds raised having recently raised a 3rd fund of $150m. My focus is on active network participation, conducting meaningful protocol work and providing infrastructure for the networks we support.


🥩 Founded and led a staking unit at T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom (Europe's largest telco, parent of T-Mobile). We were the first enterprise player in the world offering Staking-as-a-Service and engaging in Generalized Mining on public blockchain networks, having turned their unit (in a #86 of Fortune500 company) into a mini crypto hedge fund. Fundraised for and lead a small team that generated high 7-digit profits in less than a year by running nodes on Chainlink, Flow and Celo. Supported and helped structure the first enterprise token investment in Celo, based on the Network Lifecycle Investment thesis. Acquired Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) as a delegator to our Celo validator. Read more about our journey in my Infrastructure Thesis here.

💡 I’m an ex-editor and currently an advisor at We provide on-chain data, research and education around all things Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and overall yield-bearing crypto-asset class (branching out to Decentralized Finance aka DeFi).


🎤 I’m a guest lecturer at SRH University of Applied Sciences in Berlin for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Occasional meetup and conference speaker. Various initiative and EU-level working group participant. A part of a group advising German government on blockchain. Regular mentor at the Base Camp by Outlier Ventures.

👨‍💻 I like to model blockchain network economics as well as business models for their infrastructure providers (validators). Sometimes I receive a grant for it (e.g. Livepeer).

🧰 Previously worked/interned at Deutsche Telekom, ASTRATUM, HUGO BOSS, Frontier Economics, Bosch. Studied international business and economics in Ukraine, Germany and South Korea.

🔎 Analytical and research-driven. I live blockchain. My superpower is to make my passion into my job. Constant learner (15+ MOOCs).

📍 I live in Berlin, with a mid-term aspiration of moving to Seoul or Tokyo.